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Sku: 208
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Sublime & Romantic!
Kind as a poem written in fine bubbles on your skin... it's pure self-love !

Pink soap with pink salt and pink clay,
is a remedy for sluggish rythm.
It purifies, softens and regenerates the skin,
for a fresh and radiant complexion like a jewel.

Himalayan pink salt, rich in minerals,
is a toner for flawless skin.
It gently exfoliates and revives the epidermis,
for a silky, germ-free evening.

Pink clay, soft and natural,
is a cleanser for rebellious skin,
rids the pores of impurities,
regulates sebum and leaves a golden pansy.

Pink soap with pink salt and pink grapefruit,
is a perfect choice for your daring self.
Its soft scent and very silky texture,
Are a real pleasure for a radiant person.

About 110g
Surgras 6%

- - -

NOTE: To maximize the use of your soap, make sure it dries well between each use. I hope you will understand that SAVOM is not responsible for the use made of it by its customers.

If you experience any itching, discontinue use immediately. Maybe you should do an allergy or intolerance test. Thanks!

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Ingredients: oils (olive, organic coconut, organic rosehip), filtered water, lye soda, organic shea butter, pink Himalayan salt and/or Palo bath salt*, organic pink grapefruit essential oil (citrus paradisii), "red rose" aromatic essence, pink clay, pink mineral oxide, organic rose petals (decoration).

All ingredients are organically grown, kosher or certified free of pesticides and disruptive agents.

* PALO BATH SALT (Aimée & Mia): Himalayan pink salt, essential oils (Bursera Graveolens [palo santo oil], Lavandula Angustifolia [lavender oil]), calendula flowers.