Quebec Fir Gum & Sage Restorative Cream

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Quebec Fir Gum & Sage Restorative Cream

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Finally a great cream for your skin in need of repair, healing and hydration!

This cream based on Quebec balsam fir gum and clary sage will help your body in its healing process, it will relieve your skin of several inconveniences, such as: inflammation, burns, eczema, psoriasis, irritation, cuts in the process of healing , tattoo and more.

The properties of clary sage are explained by the presence of active compounds originally present in flowering plants. What makes it sedative and relaxing thanks to its richness in linalyl acetate. Cutaneous regulator of sebum and perspiration and also regulator of blood circulation.

This cream passed the test of a friend who does tattoos. She uses it during and after a tattoo, she has observed that her clients bleed less, lower pain... To conclude that healing occurs more quickly effectively.

It is excellent on feet that tend to crack. Not to mention that your hands will also thank you for being pampered with this cream.

Never apply to a freshly made burn, wait until the skin has cooled.
In case of skin reaction or itching, stop use immediately and rinse the affected area under cold water then gently blot.

15 ml

- - -

For external use only.

COMPO: melaleuca water, organic jojoba oil, vegetable waxes, organic shea butter, (soya, cetyl alcohol), balsam fir oleic extract (organic sunflower Qc), fir gum from Qc, organic essential oils (salvia sclarea, albies balsamea), organic vitamin E, kaolin. 

[PROD 11 2022]

All ingredients are organically grown, kosher or certified free of pesticides and disruptive agents.