Natural Deodorant Quebec Balsam Fir Gum & Sage

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Natural Deodorant Quebec Balsam Fir Gum & Sage

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I present you a deodorant in evolution, the one with Quebec fir gum. Container of 75 g.

The fir aroma dominates over lemon, spruce and sage, due to the aromatic power of fir gum. This natural deodorant is not antiperspirant, it will not prevent your armpits from sweating, however, it will protect the underside of your arm depending on the amount applied against pollutants and odours.

USE: apply under your armpits gently, tapping the deodorant slightly out of the tube. Will keep longer in the fridge (but will be too hard to use).

For a long time fir gum has been known for its healing and protective properties.

The Amerindians quickly introduced the French settlers to the multiple uses they had for fir gum: a remedy for flu, scurvy, cuts and burns, and, in another vein, a sealant for various containers as well as for bark canoes. Under the French Regime, the harvesting of fir gum quickly became an activity from which coureurs des bois and trappers were able to draw a seasonal supplemental income. Balsam fir gum was one of the essential items in the popular medicine of French Canadians, according to Brother Marie-Victorin, author of the reference book La Flore laurentienne. At the time of Intendant Jean Talon, the resin was also used to make shoes and build boats.

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COMPO: Baking soda, organic soy wax, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic clay, Quebec balsam fir gum (wild), organic essential oil (balsam fir, lemon, black spruce, officinal sage), organic cocoa butter, cetyl alcohol, organic vitamin E.

Handmade in Montreal with love!