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Sku: 223
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In this natural soap, lavender and lemon,
mingle to offer a heavenly odorant,
but their perfume is not the only gift,
their benefits for the dermis are obvious.

Lavender, calming and soothing,
reduces anxiety and tension,
and its regenerating virtue
helps fight inflammation.

Lemon, on the other hand, is an antioxidant,
that brightens and firms your skin,
it fights b*d smell and impurities,
and gives a fresher and more beautiful complexion.

Together, these luminous components,
in a soap of surprising quality,
are a paradise for your beauty.
Thus, a simple care to get you.

So treat yourself to this experience,
and let the lavender and the lemon,
nourish your emotions, cleanse your skin,
and bring a sweet relaxation to your mind.

~ 100g.

- - -

Ingredients : vegetal oils (olive, organic coconut), filtered water, lye soda, organic essential oil (lavandula angustifolia, [citrus limon or vetivera zizanoides]), shea or kokum butter, blue indigo powder, yellow clay, lemon (zest), organic lavender flowers.

All ingredients are from organic farming, kosher OR certified without pesticides or disruptive agents.

Clay: deep and gentle cleaning
Indigo: this plant gives a beautiful natural color to the soap.