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Sku: 329
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In this natural soap, lavender and bergamot,
mingle to offer a heavenly odor,
but their scent is not the only gift,
their benefits for the dermis are obvious.

Lavender, calming and soothing,
reduces anxiety and tension,
and its regenerating virtue
helps fight inflammation.

Bergamot, for its part, is an antioxidant,
which lightens and firms your skin,
it fights odors and impurities,
and gives a fresher and more beautiful complexion.

Together, these luminous components,
in a soap of surprising quality,
are a paradise for your beauty.
So, a simple treatment to provide yourself.

So treat yourself to this experience,
and leave the lavender and bergamot,
nourish your emotions, cleanse your skin,
and bring sweet relaxation to your mind.

- - -

Its midnight blue color comes from indigo, a dye plant (shrub), which is a vegetable dye used since antiquity for painting and dyeing.

Gentle soap for the whole family, meeting the needs of people with more sensitive skin. It is designed for all skin types.


- - -

INCI : olea europaea, aqua (demineralized water), cocos nucifera, sodium hydroxide, ricinus communis, garcinia indica (kokum) seed butter, indigo tinctoria (blue), lavandula intermedia, citrus bergamia, citrus sinensis extract (zest), bentonite, deco (flowers lavender).

All ingredients come from organic farming, kosher OR certified without pesticides or disruptive agents.