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Sku: 260
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Super very soft and creamy with organic honey from Quebec.

This soap will surprise the whole family with its vanilla caramel aroma produced naturally by honey and vanilla.

The honey in the soap will provide you with a nice generous and creamy lather.

Only 1% honey is enough.
It's perfect for the driest, damaged, sensitive and reactive skin. In addition, honey nourishes eczematous and psoriasis skin. It restructures the epidermis and helps to heal properly.

Also softening and anti-irritant, vanilla will lift your mood. It is not only an olfactory decoration, but also gentle on your skin.

The chosen honey is that of Rucher Apis. A proud local collaboration.

About 120g

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Ingredients :
Vegetable oils (olive, organic coconut, castor), filtered water, lye soda, organic honey (Rucher Apis), natural vanilla essence, clay, natural vanilla bourbon.

All ingredients are organically grown, kosher or certified free of pesticides and disruptive agents.