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Quebec organic honey shampoo,
blends with lavender and tea tree,
to offer a unique hair care
and a real pleasure to your nose.

Honey, rich in nutrients and enzymes,
repairs damaged and dry hair,
it deeply nourishes and hydrates,
for soft and silky hair.

Lavender, on the other hand, is a real calming,
which soothes the exacerbated scalp.
It neutralizes invasive dandruff,
for a healthy and soothed scalp.

The tea tree, finally, is an approved antifungal,
which fights against fungi and bacteria,
it gently cleanses your tangled hair,
for a fresh and embellished look.

Together, these natural ingredients,
in a quality shampoo bar
are a real treatment for your hair
and a wonderful gift for yourself.

So treat yourself to this wellness experience
and let the honey, the lavender and the tea tree
take care of your hair in depth,
for hair that shines with health and happiness.

(Google translate from french poeme)

- - -

90% shampoo & 10% conditioner
This composition gives reason to this soap which offers an adjusted balance for your hair. When you get out of your shower, you already notice the softness of your hair, it is not dried out by too powerful soap, it is rather clean and ready to enter various environments and challenge beauty!

About 60 g.

- - -

SHAMPOO 90% : sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI), bentonite clay (ivory), distilled water, olive oil, pure honey (Rucher Apis), organic essential oils (lavandula intermedia, melaleuca alternifolia).
CONDITIONER 10% : BTMS 25, organic shea butter, cetyl alcohol, organic shikakai, organic lavender flowers.

All ingredients are organically grown, kosher OR certified free of pesticides and disruptive agents.