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Sku: 181
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CUCUMBER & MINT soap is particular by its fresh aroma of mint topped with cucumber. Nourishing, hydrating, exfoliating.

In these artisanal soaps, cucumber and mint,
two natural ingredients, provide a refreshing smell.
Cucumber, filled with water and antioxidants,
nourishes the epidermis, reducing redness and torment.

As for mint, with its antiseptic properties,
deeply cleanses, for a beautiful complexion.
A fresh and invigorating fragrance, a true call to the divine,
for a healthy and radiant skin, here's a new morning!

In summary, these pure ingredients are a source
benefits for the skin, it's almost magical.
In this artisanal soap, their harmonious union,
balances a sensory and wonderful experience.

(Google translate from the french poeme :)

- - -

It is the #1 choice of many people! (thank you)
It is excellent for the face. I received some testimonials about the benefits of using this soap: from 3 to 4 days, the small pimples both on the back and on the face disappeared.

Dried mint leaves and flowers are put into mini-flakes to sweeten your exfoliating experience.

An organic English cucumber from Quebec is all there, so all the benefits of the cucumber are there.

About 120g
Surfat 5%

- - -

INCI : olea europaea, aqua (eau déminéralisée), cocos nucifera, sodium hydroxide, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, ricinus communis, cucumis sativus (english cucumber from Canada) + (cucumber peel extrait), bentonite (green clay), mentha piperita (leaf, oil), mentha arvensis oil, oxyde.

All ingredients are from organic farming, kosher or certified without pesticides or disruptive agents.

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NOTE: to maximize the use of your soap, make sure it dries well between each use. I hope you will understand that SAVOM is not responsible for the use made of it by its customers.

If you experience any itching, discontinue use immediately. Maybe you should do an allergy or intolerance test.