Who doesn't like reading the story of a soap factory that started far away from good smells?

This story is mine.

I have experienced hate, love, fear, non-fear, bad smells and aromas that elevate the spirit in my most fertile imagination. That's where I fell in love, yes yes, I fell in love with the smells that take me on a journey through the twists and turns of the imagination.

From being a master butcher, I transformed the energy of animal death into something that I found beautiful, I want to become a master soap maker. Where everything is already beautiful. Everyone knows how unpleasant the smells of a butcher's shop can be... It took me 25 years of service before I realized that I could love myself differently and move towards a profession chosen by my senses the deepest, a natural choice depending on who I am.

It was in January 2017 that the poet in me discovered that a soap can also be a poem when it is channeled and made correctly... 7 years of practice before realizing that it's a lot of encounters with the elements just in the development of a soap. It's nice to know that there is no limit to exploration in this area that my soul has chosen.

Is soap simply an object for cleaning the skin?

I would like to answer yes! But alas, for me, it is a deep cleansing that continues daily and a beautiful adventure in the heart of Life. And the result that you see on this site is only the visible part of a long alchemical journey of my Being.

With each SAVOM product that you place in your basket, it's as if it's a little ephemeral paradise that you have in your basket, which makes me eternally grateful.

This paradise begins within... Who says paradise, says hell. I know the binary of this current. For me, hell is the meeting of my challenges, without this shadow, I would not know where to continue...

Do you have the taste, the time and the courage to write to me?

I invite you to do so: [email protected]