is at the service of BEAUTIFUL!

Somewhere in 2005, an artist manager asked me the question:
What is your poetry for?

She added:
If you want to sell your poetry, you must first find what need it meets!

It was in February 2017 that I found part of the answer:
My poetry serves the beautiful!

I create my soaps in this thinning:
Beautiful in the sacred sense of energy,
because its aroma is first captured,
then its simple shape is easy to lather,
and its color is often not enhanced
in order to keep the naturalness of the soap present!

The feelings that soap awakens in me,
I also want it for you.
This is all the more important as its fine foam,
because when I soap myself in the shower,
I expect a relationship of cleanliness ...

And when I get my new skin,
I know that I am even more beautiful.
So, in this sense, my poetry serves the beautiful!
From me to you, I offer you the energy of this gift.

Thank you,

Jude Catudal
The soap Maker